Monday, Nov 25, 2019 Public Hearing: Affordable Housing Development

Joint — Assembly Standing Committee on Housing and Assembly Standing Committee on Cities will hold a public hearing on Affordable Housing Development.
11am – 3pm Assembly Hearing Room 1923, 19th Floor 250 Broadway
“This hearing will examine the operation of FAR and other policies and programs that impact these efforts in New York City, including those relating to building density and to project financing.”

the_shed_is_a_shack pokes fun at Hudson Yards and corporate malfeasance

The way it was: Tom Fox’s photos recall pre-Hudson River Park waterfront


Much of Tom Fox’s life has been spent relentlessly advocating for public open spaces, particularly along the waterfront. Although perhaps less well known publicly, another thing he is very passionate about is his photography. Read the article in The Village Sun

News from the Board

Congratulations and welcome to Victor Kovner for officially joining the Board.
Congratulations to Tom Fox, representing The City Club of New York, for recently being elected to the Hudson River Park Trust Advisory Council. 
Only four organizations were added to the Advisory Council: The City Club of New York, Hudson River Foundation, Hudson Guild & Pier55. We are honored to be among the four.
We thank Tom for his work in pursuit of this position for the City Club and Brendan Sexton, who has agreed to be the Club’s alternative representative to the Council.
We’ll miss Gail Suchman, who will be stepping down as The City Club’s Secretary, and Bill Donohoe, who will be stepping down from the Policy Council. We thank you for your support and dedication to the City Club.

Petition: Demand an end to Real Estate loopholes in NY

City Agencies Are Not Going To Act In Our Best Interest. What Do We Do? We Take Action In Albany!

via Member Sheila K from Save Central Park NYC

Our best hope in protecting Central Park is going to come from legislation in Albany. Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal & NYS Senator Robert Jackson have introduced a bill that will result in meaningful change — but we have to get other Senators and Assembly Members on board!

The Bill (A5026/S3820) will close the most egregious loopholes and return us to reasonable City Planning.

Click here to sign petition

The City Club at the BSA

August 6th, 2019, the BSA first hearing was standing room only and more than 3 hours long.
John Low-Beer presented first with Chuck Weinstock in the house. He gave a lengthy, detailed argument supporting why the DOB should not have issued the permit for 50 W 66th Street. John and Chuck have spent a great deal of time working on this case for us.
After John, it was George Janes, who was followed by Stuart Klein, appearing for LW! and then David Karnovsky on Extell’s behalf.
Also testifying was Michael Zoltan for the DOB, CCM Helen Rosenthal made an emotional appeal, followed by MBP Gale Brewer and Caitlyn Letterii from ASM Linda Rosenthal’s office. NYS Senator Brad Hoylman submitted testimony.
The Commission asked speakers to line up and we reached to the back of the room. President Michael Gruen was there, along with CB7, advocacy groups and residents who testified in support of the appeals. A few members of Congregation Habonim testified in opposition.
Briefs were requested from all parties, first set due on Aug 21st, and the second set on August 28th.  The plan was for the BSA to set another hearing — presumably just to announce its decision.
But the BSA continued the hearing, allowing testimony on September 10th. And once again it played to a packed house with our Elected Officials, joined by NYC Comptroller’s Scott Stringer’s office, in making another appearance to support the appeals. This hearing saw even more residents and neighbors taking the podium.
The visual “ah ha” moment came when Chris Giordano, President of the W64-67th St Block Assoc, brought in a scale model to show just how absurd this result will be.
By the BSA Review Session on Sept 16th, it was apparent that several Commissioners were uncomfortable ruling against the appeals. However, it was stated that it was not their job to fix the text but rather apply the text that is there. On the 17th, they voted no and denied our appeal.
The one glimmer of hope was that the Board agreed to continue to hear LW!’s case on the misappropriated mechanical space in the building.
Stay tuned for what happens when the BSA next convenes on Dec 17th for a public hearing on this issue.


Daily News: Opinion, by Jeffrey Kroessler and John West, July 24, 2017

A century ago, New York City enacted the first zoning resolution to control the size and density of development. Today, the de Blasio administration is poised to toss aside our zoning rules to foster construction of massive new towers in East Midtown, particularly around Grand Central Terminal.

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The city would open a can of worms by allowing developers pay to build bigger—which is illegal anyway
By Michael Gruen and Alexander Garvin

CRAINS, JULY 18, 2017

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