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News from the Board

Congratulations and welcome to Victor Kovner for officially joining the Board.     Congratulations to Tom Fox, representing The City Club of New York, for recently being elected to the Hudson River Park Trust Advisory Council.  Only four organizations were added to the Advisory Council: The City Club of New… Read more »

Petition: Demand an end to Real Estate loopholes in NY

City Agencies Are Not Going To Act In Our Best Interest. What Do We Do? We Take Action In Albany! via Member Sheila K from Save Central Park NYC Our best hope in protecting Central Park is going to come from legislation in Albany. Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal & NYS… Read more »

The City Club at the BSA

August 6th, 2019, the BSA first hearing was standing room only and more than 3 hours long. John Low-Beer presented first with Chuck Weinstock in the house. He gave a lengthy, detailed argument supporting why the DOB should not have issued the permit for 50 W 66th Street. John and… Read more »

Why Community Groups Can Never Win Against Developers: The ‘Dreikausen’ Paradox and Other Hurdles, and Suggestions for Change

Making a motion you cannot win is usually sanctionable—but here, it is actually required. By John R. Low-Beer | September 18, 2019  Under current law, even the most meritorious legal challenge to property development faces insurmountable barriers once construction starts, because absent the most egregious wrongdoing, the courts will not order demolition of… Read more »

New York City Should Have a Comprehensive Plan

An opinion about the City Charter and NYC having a well considered comprehensive plan has been published in Gotham Gazette.

Planning One Great City for All

by Stuart Pertz Should land use planning be more open to the communities that are being planned?  Of course.  A recent report, Inclusive City, Strategies to achieve more equitable and predictable land use in New York City — — thinks so.  A few short years ago, when the City Club… Read more »

We support the application of the Frick Collection before the Landmarks Preservation Commission

  June 18, 2018   Mr. Fred Bland Interim Chair Landmarks Preservation Commission   Mr. Bland:   The City Club of New York is pleased to support the application of the Frick Collection before the Landmarks Preservation Commission. We find the proposed design for expansion and new construction to be… Read more »

Regional Rail Trunk Line Follow-up

In the interest of understanding how to better prioritize major public infrastructure and how to pay for it the City Club’s Urban Design Committee’s Infrastructure Working Group has organized a panel to discuss the Regional Rail Trunk Line. It chose the trunk line because additional rail capacity under the Hudson… Read more »

Losing Its Way

The Historic Preservation Committee of The City Club of New York perceives that the Landmarks Preservation Commission’s will to discharge its duties to designate and protect landmarks and historic districts has been declining. So writes Jeffrey Kroessler, the Committee’s Chair.  On March 27, the Commission held a hearing, with overflow… Read more »