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The way it was: Tom Fox’s photos recall pre-Hudson River Park waterfront


Much of Tom Fox’s life has been spent relentlessly advocating for public open spaces, particularly along the waterfront. Although perhaps less well known publicly, another thing he is very passionate about is his photography. Read the article in The Village Sun

Petition: Demand an end to Real Estate loopholes in NY

City Agencies Are Not Going To Act In Our Best Interest. What Do We Do? We Take Action In Albany!

via Member Sheila K from Save Central Park NYC

Our best hope in protecting Central Park is going to come from legislation in Albany. Assembly Member Linda Rosenthal & NYS Senator Robert Jackson have introduced a bill that will result in meaningful change — but we have to get other Senators and Assembly Members on board!

The Bill (A5026/S3820) will close the most egregious loopholes and return us to reasonable City Planning.

Click here to sign petition