For Governors Island, the wrong way forward

Read Jeffrey A. Kroessler’s New York Daily News February 28, 2021 Op-Ed re: Governors Island here. Find an excerpt below:

When mayoral candidate Andrew Yang suggested that Governors Island would be a terrific place for a casino, the idea generated immediate scorn. What could be less appropriate for that public gem in the harbor? Yet today, a plan for massive development is swiftly advancing through the political process with barely a speed bump in its way.

We want to know: What happened to the grand public playground New Yorkers were promised?

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the_shed_is_a_shack pokes fun at Hudson Yards and corporate malfeasance

CityLand: Designation Should Not Mean Demolition

There’s a new post at CityLand regarding the AT&T Building at 550 Madison Avenue and how, to the dismay of the architectural and preservation communities, the Commission has declined to include the lobby in the Landmarks Preservation designation.  Here’s a clip:


The Commission has offered its reasons for rejecting out of hand the AT&T lobby. None is convincing. Some are untrue.


To be clear: the lobby is just as designed by Johnson and Burgee. When the building opened, the lobby featured as its centerpiece “Spirit of Communication,” better known a “Golden Boy.” The 24-foot statue had stood atop the company’s old headquarters downtown at 195 Broadway. In 1992, AT&T sold the building at 550 Madison to SONY and removed the piece to its new suburban campus in New Jersey. The statue graced the lobby for only 8 years.


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550 Madison Avenue July2015, from Wikipedia

Paying for transit

The governor is getting behind tax increment financing for transit.
Note today’s article, an important reference article for our February 8 infrastructure meeting.


Presentation to the Urban Design Committee

George Janes met with the City Club Urban Design Committee this morning to discuss the reasons for the proliferation of super tall buildings and what might help to control them.  Slides of his presentation are attached (6.9 MB pdf), and we welcome further comments.



Daily News: Opinion, by Jeffrey Kroessler and John West, July 24, 2017

A century ago, New York City enacted the first zoning resolution to control the size and density of development. Today, the de Blasio administration is poised to toss aside our zoning rules to foster construction of massive new towers in East Midtown, particularly around Grand Central Terminal.

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