Ten Questions for the Mayoral Candidates about NY City

1.        Affordable housing – How will you support affordable housing? Would you incentivize it through up-zonings such as those proposed for Inwood, Gowanus and SoHo/NoHo? What policies would you implement to increase it while avoiding negative community impacts and displacement?

2.       Historic Preservation – How will you support the preservation of our historic neighborhoods? How do you see the role of historic districts in the life of the city? How do you see the Landmarks Preservation Commission fitting into your agenda as mayor?

3.       Public Housing – What is your plan for funding, repairing, and maintaining the City’s unique portfolio of NYCHA housing? How would you protect and improve its vitally important public park space and open space in NYCHA projects? 

4.      Parks – With the pandemic highlighting the City’s need for open space, what will you do as mayor to preserve our parks and playgrounds? How will you approach the budgetary needs of the Department of Parks and Recreation? What is your plan for preserving existing space, creating more space, and enhancing equitable public spaces?

5.        Governors Island – What do you see as the future of Governors Island? Do you support the current proposed rezoning to develop 4.5 million square feet of new construction on the Island? What uses do you envision for Governors Island? Should the island be self-funding, that is, with no reliance upon allocations from the city?

6.        Land-Use Plan – The City Council has is considering legislation to create a 10-year comprehensive framework for land-use decisions? What is your vision for land-use in the next 10 years, and what is your position on the proposed legislation for the comprehensive plan?

7.         Fairer Ferry System – The city has spent $600 million on the dynamic NYC Ferry system, but has it fulfilled its promise? How do you see the ferry system, and what changes, if any, do you anticipate making as mayor?

8.        Resiliency –Super Storm Sandy has brought the question of resiliency to the fore. Do you support the City’s current resiliency plans? In particular, what is your position on creating 90 acres of coastal land-fill to protect the Financial District? Would you create incentives for developers to retreat from the water’s edge, and do you believe that is necessary? Do you support an “estuary tax” to pay for resiliency measures, particularly in underserved areas?

9.       Rikers Renewal – Do you support the current plan to close Rikers Island and to build new and larger-scaled jails in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens? What changes, f any, would you make to the current plans? What do you envision as the future for Rikers Island?

10.     The Post Covid-19 City – How do you see the pandemic affecting the long term prospects of the city? Specifically, what changes in the built environment do you see coming in the wake of the pandemic? How would you address to glut in rentable office space (assuming many businesses continue to rely upon remote work for their employees)?