How can infrastructure be better coordinated with existing facilities and land uses to achieve the greatest benefits at the least cost?

Zoning for Transit Accessibility (23 July 2021)

The City Club conditionally supports the proposal by City Planning to require development sites adjacent to transit stations to provide easements and to allow such sites to receive bonus floor area in return for providing transit access improvements.  (Read the statement.)

City Club Comments on the Scope of Work for the Environmental Impact Statement for the Empire Station Project (17 August 2020)

The second half of the statement addresses the most effective routing of the new rail tunnels being planned for under the Hudson River.  It shows them routed by way of Hoboken, adding it and Jersey City to the regional rail system, through running at Penn Station, and a track connection between Penn Station and Grand Central.  The first half of the statement addresses the improper use of zoning to raise revenue as opposed to guiding land use.  (Read the statement.)

Regional Rail  (10 April 2018)

This is a PowerPoint presentation used in a series of panel discussions concerning the routing of the regional rail trunk line through Penn Station.  The Power Point is best watched in Show mode because the slides are designed to build step by step to tell their story.  (View the show.) 

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