Should the regulatory regime of New York City be founded on a well considered, living, comprehensive plan?

Planning One Great City for All (2016)

This paper advocates for integrated planning both horizontally – transportation, housing, parks and so on – and vertically —  neighborhood, community, borough, city, and region. (Read the paper.)

Terminal City. (7 March 2013)

This is a PowerPoint presentation illustrating an alternative approach to the rezoning of East Midtown.  It describes ones mental map of the Terminal City area around Grand Central and outlines a detailed plan for coordinated improvements to the public realm.  The Power Point is best watched in Show mode because the slides are designed to build step by step to tell their story.  (View the show.) 

NYC’s Comprehensive Plan  (27 January 2021)

We ask the question “should NYC have a well considered comprehensive plan?”  Our answer is “yes”.  However, the success of such a plan depends on its being prepared and maintained in ways that ensure equitable participation by all parties. (Read the statement.)

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